Student Activities

Monday- Tutoring Schedule

English (All grades) with Ms. Hargraves- Room 267

Spanish with Ms. Rivera- Room 202

Homework Help (All Subjects) with Mr. Mooney- Room 369


Tuesday- Tutoring Schedule

History (All Subjects) with Mr. Murdock Room 268

Wednesday- Tutoring Schedule

Band with Ms. Chu- Room 263

Physics with Mr. Duff- Room 362

Thursday- Tutoring Schedule

Ecology & Earth Science with Mr. Yorke- Room 271

Living Environment- Ms. Faulkner Rm 366

Math (All Subjects) with Mr. Yoon- Room 269


Monday- Clubs Schedule

Korean Club with Mr. Yoon- Room 269

Pride Club with Mr. Winningham- Room 201

War Games Club with Mr. Murdock- Room 268

Tuesday- Clubs Schedule

Construction Club with Mr. Duff Room 362

Anime Club with Ms. Faulkner Room 366

Green Club with Mr. Yorke Room 271

Wednesday- Clubs Schedule

National Honor Society with Mr. Scrudato & Ms. Nelson Room 371

Women of Today with Ms. Dawson Room 264

Hispanic Heritage Club with Ms. Rivera Room 202

Board Games Club with Ms. Wright Room 271

Business Club with Mr. Yoon Room 269

Thursday- Clubs Schedule

Robotics with Mr. Duff Room 362

Student Government with Mr. Weinstock & Ms. Shoemaker Room 367

Dance Club with Ms. Miranda Room 204

Yearbook Club with Ms. Conrow Room 262