Monday Tutoring Schedule

English- All grades with Ms. Hargraves Room 267

Spanish with Ms. Rivera Room 202

Homework Help- All Subjects with Mr. Mooney Room 369

Tuesday Tutoring Schedule

History (All Subjects) with Mr. Murdock Room 268

Wednesday Tutoring Schedule

Band with Ms. Chu Room 263

Physics with Mr. Duff Room 362

Thursday Tutoring Schedule

Earth Science & Ecology with Mr. Yorke Room 271

Living Environment with Ms. Faulkner Room 366

Math (All subjects) with Mr. Yoon Room 269

English Department

 Stack of Books with different colored spines 

Course Offerings

Common Core ELA for All Grade Levels, AP English Language, Mercy College ELA, Yearbook Journalism, African American & Latino Literature & Creative Writing

History Department

 Earth set on top of open book 

Course Offerings

Global History, United States History, Economics, Government & Politics, AP World History & AP Government & Politics


Math Department

 Math symbols (plus sign, minus sign, multiplication sign, division sign) inside four colored squares 

Course Offerings

Common Core Algebra, Common Core Geometry, Common Core Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Statistics & AP Calculus


Science Department

 Microscope, beaker, planet, apple & lightbulb inside blue circle 

Course Offerings

Living Environment, Earth Science, Physics, Anatomy & Robotics


English Department Staff

History Department Staff

Math Department Staff

Science Department Staff

Math Resources

Delta Math - Instructional Videos & Thousands of Practice Problems for all Subjects

Free Online Interactive Graphing Calculator

Khan Academy - Instructional Videos and Exercises for all Subjects


History Resources

Regents Prep for Global & U.S. History from New Visions

Crash Course: Course & Topic Specific Videos Created by PBS Learning Media

EdPuzzle: Interactive Video Resources with Embedded Checkpoint Questions

Brain Pop- Tim & Moby Explain History

Kahoot- Remote timed assessments

See your teacher for login information for EdPuzzle, Brainpop and Kahoot.

Secondary Text for Global I, U.S. History & Government- Provides context for topics in a more traditional layout.

Science Resources

Living Environment Resources


cK-12 Biology- Articles, Explanations, Videos & Quizzes

Gupta Guide- Slides, Videos, Interactives, Quizzes & Practice

Earth Science Resources

Regents Earth Science- Explanations, Videos & Practice

cK-12 Biology- Articles, Explanations, Videos & Quizzes

HippoCampus Earth Science - Videos, Interactives & Simulations

Physics Resources

The Physics Classroom - Tutorials, Videos, Simulations and Worksheets

APlus Physics -Tutorials, Videos, Quizzes and Articles

HippoCampus Physics - Videos, Interactives & Simulations



Arts Department

 ARTS written in artists tools 

Course Offerings

Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Acting

Beginning & Advanced Band

Concert Choir & Varsity Voices

Musical Theater

Beginning & Advanced Studio Art

 Set Design & Stage Crew

Pit Band

Arts Department Staff

Special Education Department

 Tree with handprints as leaves 

Special Education Services

  • Integrate Co-Teaching (ICT)
  • Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS)
  • Mandated Counseling Services
  • Speech Therapy
  • Access to Occupational and Physical Therapy


Special Education Department

Health & Physical Education Department

 Various sports equipment 

Course Offerings

Aerobics, Health, Sports Survey, Weight Training & Yoga

Physical Education Department

Foreign Language Department

 Earth with text bubbles coming off saying hello in different languages 

Course Offerings

Spanish Levels 1-6

RHS partners with campus schools to offer AP Spanish

Foreign Language Department